Fund Management Jobs Guernsey

Guernsey is an established centre for investment management and is the home of a diverse range of niche investment opportunities with well-qualified, experienced firms. The island has a thriving funds industry featuring almost 1000 investment funds and more than 2000 sub-funds.
At present, the current value of funds under management and administration in Guernsey is approximately £280 billion. With so many investment opportunities to choose from in Guernsey, the island presents an incredibly competitive landscape, and an ever-present need for qualified individuals. 
Guernsey is renowned for its innovative approach to fund management, its international perspective and its expertise. Its principles-based regulatory and risk-based supervisory regime provides the ideal environment for start-ups, innovation operations and niche providers. 

The variety and proximity of licensed investment firms have created excellent employment prospects in the region. At AP Executive, we recruit for a range of fund management jobs, including: 

  • Fund Managers

  • Senior Fund Managers 

  • Operation Risk Managers

  • Head of Investments 

  • Investment Advisors/Senior Investment Advisors  

  • Investment Managers/Senior Investment Managers 

  • Lawyers

  • Tax specialists 

  • Fund administrators 

  • Custodians/trustees/bankers

Fund Management Expertise

Finding the right fund managers and investment advisors is integral to the success of a fund. Our industry experience means we can recognise these skills, and we work hard to build up the relationships that allow us to place people in their ideal role. 
With a presence in the heart of Guernsey, we are appropriately located and suitably qualified to assist both recruiters and staff with finding the ideal opportunities. 
Contact our Guernsey office today to discuss your requirements.