Fintech & Blockchain Jobs Guernsey

Finetch and blockchain technologies are extremely broad and can relate to countless industries, from healthcare to finance and everything in between. 
Regarded as a centre of fintech excellence, Guernsey possesses considerable strengths, including: 

  • An established international finance sector

  • Ability to be flexible and agile with laws and regulations 

  • No capital gains tax or VAT 

  • Island-wide cyber protection 

  • Progressive company and intellectual property legislation 

As a result of the above benefits, Guernsey has become an attractive location for fintech and blockchain companies. There is plenty of established activity across the range of blockchain and fintech sectors, including insurance, fintech wealth management, platform investors and private equity. 
At AP Executive, we understand the significance of fintech and blockchain financial services, as well as the significance of hiring the right fit for a specific role. Our blockchain headhunters work tirelessly to assist clients and candidates with making successful, long-term recruitment decisions.

Our blockchain executive recruiters have filled countless blockchain and fintech vacancies, including:

  • Business Analyst - Blockchain Technology/Innovation

  • Financial Accountant 

  • Strategic Sales Director – Blockchain

  • Fintech Investment Management Analyst 

  • Solutions Architect – Fintech Asset Management 

Top Fintech Recruiters

Blockchain is such a diverse industry therefore the qualifications and knowledge required will depend on the individual position being hired for. Likewise, job requirements are completely dependent on the individual fintech or blockchain vacancy. 
At AP Executive, we take a professional, collaborative and confidential approach    to blockchain hiring, working closely with clients and candidates to find the right talent for businesses in an effective and personalised way. 
To learn more about our blockchain and fintech hiring solutions in Guernsey, please contact our consultants today.