Wealth Management Jobs Malta

With its English-speaking labour force and many flourishing sectors, working in Malta certainly offers its advantages and there are many job opportunities here for expats.

When you work in Malta, you benefit from plenty of fiscal advantages, including zero property tax and competitive tax rates. What’s more, offices are renowned for the friendly environment, and the lifestyle here is laidback.

As Malta’s economy remains stable and robust, there are plenty of employment opportunities in the country. Salaries for specialised jobs are higher, while the cost of living is relatively low.

If you are looking for jobs in wealth management companies, AP Executive is a great resource. Our wealth management executive recruiters possess an in-depth knowledge of the sector, and remain on hand to help you in finding top wealth management jobs based on your experience, knowledge and interests.

Aside from recruitment services, we also offer relocation services, ensuring you have all the information you need to move and live abroad with ease.

Some of the many wealth management roles in Malta our recruitment specialists have filled are:

  • Wealth Management Support Associate

  • Senior Wealth Manager

  • Chartered Financial Planner

  • Head of Wealth Management

  • Premier Relationship Manager

  • Mortgage Protection Manager

  • Wealth Management Consultant

  • Wealth Management Administrator

Best Wealth Management Recruiters

At AP Executive, our top wealth management recruiters work closely with you to understand your precise hiring needs. We work diligently to ensure a seamless, accessible and complementary partnership built on trust, transparency and confidentiality.

Our wealth management headhunters are well equipped to maximise your hiring efforts and ensure long-term staff satisfaction.

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