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Luxembourg is a small constitutional monarchy, having a civil law system based on that of Switzerland and Austria. Nestled between France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg is a country with a great deal to offer. An independent country with a population of around 625,978 (2020 estimate), Luxembourg has an abundance of history, greenery and culture. The country is 84 kilometres long and 52 kilometres wide, and it is one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe. Approximately 25% of Luxembourg's exports are steel which accounts for a staggering 10% of the total worldwide exportation of steel. However, in the past decade, the finance and banking sector has emerged as a key driver of the economy, shadowing steel production and exportation. Luxembourg boasts the second largest investment funds industry in the world (number one being the USA), the 25th largest financial centre (2019 Global Financial Centres Index) in general and a premier private banking centre in the Eurozone. With the reputation as a tax haven, Luxembourg is a magnet for banks, insurance companies, foreign investors and specialist service providers globally. By providing a pro-business environment with a robust regulatory framework, stable socio-political environment, strong economy and business-friendly policies, Luxembourg has become an international financial centre hosting various types of financial institutions. Apart from that, Luxembourg is steeped in a rich cultural and historical heritage, with numerous medieval castles, vestiges of First World War and Roman forts and underground passages which are now UNESCO sites.


As a leading financial centre, Luxembourg is open to new business and welcomes institutions to establish themselves here. In essence, Luxembourg has "boomed" exponentially and is still growing. It is easy to see that there is tremendous potential and opportunity to be had here for a financial professional. Out of the total people employed by the financial services sector, 85% are foreign nationals and cross-border commuters from neighbouring countries. Luxembourg offers a truly vibrant and cosmopolitan environment to live and work. Luxembourg’s strategic geographic location and good IT and transport connectivity to major European markets further raises its importance as an ideal business location. Luxembourg’s numerous luxury hotels often serve as the hub for business meetings, seminars, international conferences and workshops. In terms of quality of life, Luxembourg ranks high on the Human Development Index (HDI). It has low unemployment and poverty and leads in all three dimensions of HD: Health, education and income. There are public schools offering quality education in Luxembourgish, French, German and English. Children of expats get the advantage of knowing four languages, with also the option to attend renowned International schools. While the countryside provides an ideal weekend getaway to appreciate the abundance of Mother Nature, the Luxembourg City boasts high-end hotels, heritage theatres, Michelin-starred restaurants and numerous cultural events and concerts to cater to the needs of those who fancy a glamorous, vibrant and extravagant life. There are plenty of recreational opportunities such as camping in popular sites like the Ardennes and the Mullerthal, cycling through caves and rock tunnels and swimming and engaging in water sports in Wiltz and the Lac de la Haute-Sûre.

Requirements to set up a company

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Those wishing to set up a business in Luxembourg should apply for a business permit from the Directorate General for SMEs and Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of the Economy. For this, the applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Professional integrity

  • Professional qualification that is in lieu with the proposed business activity

  • Physical presence in terms of appropriate infrastructure in Luxembourg

  • Effective and permanent business management team

  • Clean tax history

Requirements for employees wishing to relocate

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If one holds a passport from an EU country, one doesn't require any form of visa or permit in order to work in Luxembourg. If that is not the case, non-EU nationals must hold a visa and/or suitable work permit to reside and work here. The employer has to sponsor a visa and/or work permit on the employees’ behalf. However, it is recommended that the necessary documentation is demanded several months in advance to ensure relocation in accordance with the law is met. After the 2008 legislation, work-permits for non-EU nationals have been simplified. However, work permits are not issued freely or with ease to non-EU nationals.