Trust and Corporate Services Jobs Malta

AP Executive offers outstanding opportunities to find high-quality recruitment within the trust and corporate services sector in Malta. Established in 1990 and with a global presence, we have extensive corporate trust and human resources experience, gained over the period of 30+ years since our inception.

Woking in Malta comes with plenty of advantages. From an English-speaking labour force to breath-taking surroundings, it’s no surprise that many expats seek employment here. The country also offers exceptional health facilities, high average salaries, social security benefits and much more.

We work closely with job seekers throughout their search for trust and corporate services recruitment in Malta. Not only do we ensure their applications are outstanding, but we also offer pre-interview preparation, as well as relocation advice for those making the move to Malta.

We remain committed to helping job seekers develop their corporate trust careers in Malta. We’ve filled many roles, including:

  • Senior Trust Officer

  • Client Director

  • Group Manager, Client Service

  • Corporate Trust Relationship Manager

  • Client Service Manager

  • Assistant Manager

  • Senior Corporate Governance Manager

  • Finance Director

Specialist Trust and Corporate Services Executive Search

With comprehensive market knowledge and an in-depth screening process, we help our clients find the right staff for their available trust and corporate services jobs. We are on hand to service your every need, taking a consultative approach throughout.

Throughout the recruitment process and dealings with our clients, confidentiality is of utmost importance. We understand that we are dealing with sensitive information, and never disclose this information to third parties. We have diverse and extensive experience, and pride ourselves on our ability to provide a positive hiring experience.

Contact AP Executive to maximise your chances of finding suitable corporate trust recruitment or staff in Malta.