Wealth Planning Jobs Malta

With its advanced economy and highly successful banking and finance sectors, there are numerous recruitment opportunities here in this southern European island country.

Malta has plenty to offer including a high quality-of-life, a robust infrastructure and low unemployment rates. Jobs in wealth planning companies are plentiful, while there is great demand for executive-level talent. Malta also offers plenty of benefits to staff, including 200 hours of vacation leave per annum, as well as parental leave, sick leave and more.

AP Executive is widely recognised for its comprehensive financial planning and wealth management industry knowledge. Our wealth planning headhunters take an innovative approach to executive search and assessment, exceeding expectations by actively listening to clients and consistently delivering superior results.

Our wealth planning executive recruiters are committed to recruiting the best talent for your available jobs in Malta. We have an unrivalled market knowledge, a comprehensive database of executive talent and a proven track record of success.

Some of the many wealth planning roles we have successfully filled include:

  • Financial Wealth Planner

  • Head of Wealth Planning

  • Financial Adviser – Private Bank

  • Private Wealth Planning Paraplanner

  • Chartered Financial Planner

  • Financial Wealth Manager

  • Private Banking Regulated Financial Adviser/Private Banker

  • Client Support Executive - Wealth Planning

  • Operations Manager

  • Associate Solicitor – Tax and Wealth Planning

AP Executive: Best Wealth Planning Recruiters in Malta

No matter how challenging your brief, allow our wealth planning executive search specialists to find the skilled and experienced staff you need to take your business to new heights. Our top wealth planning recruiters will facilitate your entire recruiting process and allow your company to better understand the marketplace and competitive landscape.

Our dedicated team provides cutting-edge industry expertise, ensuring you find the best staff for your available wealth planning positions.

Contact AP Executive today to discuss a wealth planning vacancy or to learn about the latest opportunities.