Private Equity Executive Search, Recruitment and Jobs Bermuda

Bermuda has a thriving finance and banking sector, and there are plenty of opportunities to accelerate your private equity career here. In recent years, private equity investment has grown rapidly, with billions committed to private equity funds across the globe – including in Bermuda. This has inevitably resulted in an increase in talent for private equity positions in Bermuda.

AP Executive is a leading private equity recruiting firm with a huge international presence. Our firm is home to some of the best private equity recruiters, who work closely with candidates to help them secure some of Bermuda’s top private equity job openings. Founded in 1990, we possess many years of experience in executive search and recruitment, serving candidates in an honest, transparent and flexible way.

We have successfully filled numerous private equity finance jobs in Bermuda, including:

  • Managing Director

  • Vice President

  • Client Advisor

  • Trust Administrator

  • Investment Advisor

  • Private Banking Analyst

  • Senior Associate

  • Investment Funds Associate

  • Corporate Associate

  • Private Equity Analyst

Top Private Equity Recruitment Agency for Bermuda

Through the identification, assessment and recruitment of talented individuals, our private equity executive search firm helps businesses to build superb teams and ultimately achieve a competitive advantage. Our skilled, insightful approach enables us to make a huge difference to your business’ success.

We understand that securing the right executive can take time, so we work meticulously to determine the personality traits and track records of experienced individuals. This enables our private equity headhunters to secure someone who will not only add value to your firm, but who will also fit your company culture.

Seeking the latest private equity vacancies in Bermuda? Need support with filling your available private equity job roles? Contact AP Executive today.