Fintech and Blockchain Executive Search, Recruitment and Jobs in Bermuda

In early 2018, the government of Bermuda set the stage for developing the island’s fintech sector, which resulted in greater need for fintech executive search solutions.

Today, the island’s legal and regulatory framework has created a welcoming and stable environment for blockchain and fintech investment companies.

With an appropriate regulatory framework and sound infrastructure, fintech remains one of the hottest areas of emerging technology. The government remains committed to ensuring that Bermuda is a leader in fintech and blockchain investment, as it brings many insights and solutions for both financial services institutions and start-ups, while

At AP Executive, we are committed to cultivating a community of candidates who are either actively seeking blockchain vacancies, or are open to exploring available fintech positions.

We have filled countless fintech and blockchain roles in the region, including:

  • Finance Strategy Analyst

  • Financial Manager

  • Head of Business Development

  • Fintech Specialist

  • Customer Support Officer

  • Blockchain Developer

  • Quantitative Analyst

  • Python Developer

Find Top Fintech and Blockchain Jobs

Right now we are experience unprecedented growth in interest in fintech and blockchain. Blockchain technologies are in high demand, meaning that so too are superior candidates.

Through AP Executive, you will gain access to the latest fintech vacancies in Bermuda. In addition, we offer job interview preparation, market information, salary benchmarking and much more.

For our clients, our blockchain headhunters work tirelessly to locate top staff for your available fintech roles. Through our extensive HR experience, we also offer talent acquisition, planning, management and development services.

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