Private Client and Fiduciary Jobs, Executive Search & Recruitment in Bermuda

With its stunning natural beauty and incredibly high standards of living, Bermuda is a highly sought-after location for jobs. Many expats seek employment here due to its robust infrastructure, contemporary culture and luxurious island living.

This self-governing British Overseas Territory has a 400-year old legal system, which is based on English Common Law. The country’s political and economic landscapes are stable, while digital services and telecommunications are all contemporary.

Bermuda is a highly respected financial services center and an excellent location for private client or fiduciary jobs. The country is extremely attractive to high-net-worth individuals, and as such, there is great demand for talented to staff to fill available positions.

At AP Executive, our global search consultants specialize in executive search and recruitment services for the private client and fiduciary sector. Aside from executive search consulting and recruitment services, we also provide advanced HR tools and analytics, to help private client and fiduciary companies formulate effective HR policies and procedures.

Since our inception in 1990, our executive recruitment specialists have successfully fulfilled numerous private client executive job searches in Bermuda. Some of the many jobs we have successfully filled include:

  • Private Client Financial Administrator

  • Trust Manager

  • Trust Director

  • Trust Officer

  • Legal Counsel

  • COO

  • Trust Accounting Manager

  • Trust Relationship Manager

  • Fiduciary Director

  • Risk Director

  • Compliance Officer

  • Business Development Manager

Executive recruiting, successfully executed

Bermuda is an excellent location for relocation with its social familiarity, access to superior healthcare and opportunities for cultural immersion. At AP Executive, we not only support you in your search for top private client and fiduciary jobs in Bermuda; we also offer market information, pre-interviewing briefing, relocation advice and much more.

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