Family / Private Office Executive Search, Recruitment and Jobs Bermuda

While Bermuda is without question a beautiful Caribbean island, it is also a thriving international business center with plenty of employment opportunities, particularly in the investment, banking and insurance sectors.

If you’re thinking of relocating to Bermuda for family / private office vacancies, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. You’ll benefit from zero income tax, and many shops offer duty-free shopping. What’s more, there are many expats living here who enjoy s high quality of life, unparalleled oceans and rich culinary traditions.

Bermuda is a highly popular location for family office services, particularly as investors look beyond traditional wealth centers. The island offers many advantages, including great expertise in risk management, however, this also means that knowledgeable executives are in high demand.

If you are a finance professional seeking top family office jobs within a modern, sophisticated infrastructure, then Bermuda is a great choice. At AP Executive, our family office executive recruiters will support you in your search for employment, while also offering relocation advice.

We’ve filled plenty of family office roles in Bermuda, including, but not limited to:

  • Family Office Wealth Management Director

  • Family Office Fund Manager

  • Family Office Management Specialist

  • Family Office Investment Manager

  • Family Office Asset Management Director

  • Family Office Private Banker

  • Family Office Finance Accountant

  • Private Equity Accountant

  • Chief Operating Officer

Top Family Office Headhunters

Established in 1990, AP Executive has been recruiting in the family office sector for more than 30 years. Since our inception, our expert knowledge and reach within the family office talent pool is unparalleled.

As family office clients become increasingly particular about their needs, family office companies must focus on hiring staff with specialist skills and knowledge.

At AP Executive, we offer bespoke, flexible and highly targeted solutions designed to ensure we find only the very best staff for your available roles. Our clients trust us with their family office executive search needs, hiring from mid-management right through to the most senior positions.

If you’re looking to strengthen your team or are seeking the latest family office positions in Bermuda, contact AP Executive today.