Finance and Accounting Recruitment, Executive Search and Jobs Bermuda

Bermuda is a superb location for finance and accounting job vacancies, and remains a top choice amongst those trying to cultivate their accounting and finance careers. It has a robust business infrastructure, contemporary culture and high standards of living, and remains an alluring place to live and work.

Seeking the latest finance positions in Bermuda? Look no further than AP Executive. Founded in 2009, our finance recruitment company is comprised of seasoned executive job recruiters with backgrounds in executive job search, financial services and strategic consulting.

Our approach to global executive search and recruitment fosters a high degree of collaboration amongst our executive search consultants, as well as sophisticated services, thought leadership and in-depth market intelligence.

Over the years, our global executive recruiters have supported job seekers and businesses alike with their employment or recruitment needs. Some of the many accounting and finance jobs we have successfully filled are:

  • Budget Analyst

  • Internal Auditor

  • Financial Analyst

  • Equity Accountant

  • Data Governance Lead

  • Report Developer

  • VP Private Equity Fund Accounting

  • Senior Risk Manager

  • Treasury Expert

  • Senior Accountant

World-Renowned Finance and Accounting Executive Search Firm

Since our inception, AP Executive has remained the agency of choice amongst leading global banks, boutiques, asset managers, private equity firms, accounting companies and finance firms. Our executive finance recruiters are highly specialized, with a focus on the unique needs that are essential to your firm’s growth.

With each and every client we collaborate with, we take a highly personalized approach. Our finance recruitment services are designed to assist our clients in increasing their market share and generating a greater return on investment.

Seeking to recruit executive-level talent for your latest finance and accounting positions in Bermuda? Seeking a knowledgeable and experienced finance recruitment agency? Contact AP Executive today.