Banking Jobs Zurich

To be successful in private banking, you need to provide a discreet service and build excellent relationships with all clients, and we focus on these qualities during all recruitment for private banking jobs in Zurich. Every client has different needs and requirements that need to be understood and accepted but will be driven by results. 

AP Executive have a range of banking jobs available in Zurich, including:

  • Client Advisor

  • Execution Trader

  • Trust Officer / Administrator

  • Trust Marketer

  • Relationship Manager / Business Development Manager

  • Credit Risk / Analyst

  • Trust Accountant / Advisor

  • Investment Advisor

  • Private Banker

Personalised and Professional

With an excellent understanding of the Zurich banking sector, our consultants are able to provide the best advice and support in your search for a private banking job. With experience of the industry, we understand that every client has different needs and requirements and only candidates who can adapt to these changing environments will be successful. Speak to one of our experts at AP Executive now for more information.