Cryptocurrency Jobs in Switzerland

Key terms such as “cryptocurrency,” “bitcoins,” “crypto-investments” and “blockchain” have become extremely prevalent in recent years, with countless blockchain and crypto companies capitalising on this emerging global industry.  
As a result of this surge in prevalence, numerous employment opportunities have arisen around this digital asset medium. As cryptocurrency businesses are growing, so too are their hiring needs for locating top talent.   
Switzerland offers plenty of opportunities in this emergent sector, largely as a result of progressive regulations, a flourishing economy and a country thriving in technology specialists. It is fast becoming a leading international hub for the crypto and blockchain sectors, and as such, there is huge potential in the Swiss-based ICO markets.  
At AP Executive, we focus on sourcing the most suitable candidates for our clients’ requirements, whether permanent, temporary or contract-based. Our focus is on sourcing high-quality, qualified individuals who possess the skill and experience needed to understand and successfully fulfil crypto, digital asset and similarly related roles.  
We are incredibly proud of the connections we’ve established over the years, which has ensured that our portfolio of high-quality candidates continues to grow and flourish. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs, thus enabling us to present top candidates on a professional and technical level, who are headhunted according to your specific requirements.

We recruit for a wealth of cryptocurrency and crypto-related jobs in Switzerland, including, but not limited to:​

  • CFOs, CTOs and COOs

  • Executive Managers 

  • Finance Managers

  • Marketing Directors 

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Project Managers

  • Blockchain Team Leaders 

  • Blockchain Software Developers 

  • FX traders and Crypto Traders 

  • Currency Brokers 

  • ICO Advisors 

  • Investment Analysts

  • PHP Developers 

  • Technical Writers

  • System Architects

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Solicitors

  • Cryptocurrency Investment Analysts

Honesty, Confidentiality and Expertise

At AP Executive, we believe in the core values of bitcoins and are excited about their growth. We are passionate about this innovative technology and the opportunities it presents to connect, establish and build careers that are both financially rewarding and personally gratifying. 
We maintain a vast global network in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange space, along with extensive recruitment experience. This places us in the ideal position to accompany our clients throughout the recruitment process in an honest, efficient and dedicated manner.

Our longstanding recruitment expertise allows us to place qualified crypto professionals in employment positions throughout Switzerland. However, our goal is not simply about filling open positions; we focus on creating genuine opportunities for our clients that enable their businesses to thrive and excel. 

We have successfully filled many crypto and blockchain vacancies, including: 

  • Director of Finance for a leading crypto brokerage firm 

  • Blockchain Researcher at a multi-exchange trading platform

  • Vice President of Complex Assets for a Swiss-based investment firm 

  • Cryptocurrency Tax Reconciliation Specialist for a growing crypto tax practice 

  • Blockchain Engineer for an established tech firm 

  • Blockchain Researcher for a provider of diversified business process services 

  • Blockchain Community Manager for a data privacy company 

  • Frontend blockchain and cryptocurrency developer at a blockchain start-up 

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