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Curacao is the main island in the Netherlands Antilles. The population of the Curacao is approximately 159,849 (2018 estimate), with more or less 60 nationalities on the island. The island of Curacao, although autonomous, still forms part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the legal system is based on Dutch Civil Law, with English Common Law influence. The official spoke language is Dutch. However, English and Spanish are spoken widely. Curacao boasts a highly-developed, sophisticated financial service sector, broadly comprising of mutual funds, captive insurance, family offices, hedge funds, trusts and funds, exchanges, asset management and investment funds. With low tax regime and robust regulatory framework. Curacao has emerged as a leading offshore jurisdiction for professionals and entrepreneurs. Tourism is another major pillar of the economy, contributing nearly 9.2% of GDP and generating investments, government income and employment.


Curacao is one of the most developed islands in the Caribbean, with a financial service sector of international repute. The government’s pro-investment policies, efficient telecommunication network, robust physical and financial infrastructure and competitive tax regime, all combine to make Curacao a leading offshore jurisdiction. The island’s ideal geographic location between South America, the United States and Europe, combined with a free and open market, act as a magnet for overseas investors. Furthermore, the regulatory framework in Curacao is robust and in compliance with international FATF standards for controlling money laundering and terrorist financing. Curaçao has a sophisticated international airport, with regular flights to Europe, the US, South and Central America and the rest of the Caribbean. Curacao has one of the highest Human Development Index in the Caribbean islands. Owing to the government’s focus on creating a highly skilled workforce, the island has greater than 99% literacy rate, with a number of private and public schools offering high-standard education. Healthcare services in the Netherlands Antilles are good, and expats are advised to get a comprehensive health insurance. There are plenty of recreation and entertainment options available on the Island. From diving and snorkelling to hiking and horseback riding, there is something for every adventure lover. Expats enjoy a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle as well as the vibrant multicultural, social and historic fabric of the Island.


With political and economic stability, tax benefits and efficient regulatory structure, Curacao offers a favourable and conducive business environment. Overseas investors can choose from a variety of business structures, such as limited liability company (NV), the private limited liability company (BV), the foundation, the private foundation (also known as SPF), partnerships and sole trading. Of these, a private limited company is the most sought-after option. To find out more about how to set up a company in Curacao, please click here.   


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Working in Curacao

Other than Dutch nationals, citizens of other countries require a work permit to legally work and reside in Curacao. If the employer fails to find a suitable locally qualified candidate within a stipulated time period, he/she can hire foreigners and apply for the work permit on the employee’s behalf.