Fund Management Jobs Switzerland

Switzerland’s fund management industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world and is well regarded for its high levels of reliability, quality and stability. This robust, billion-dollar industry continues to grow year upon year thanks to an outstanding, well-regulated environment that attracts countless businesses, investors and job seekers to the region. 

As a result of such impressive growth in Switzerland’s fund management sector, there is great demand for exceptional candidates to fill available fund management positions. Across Switzerland, businesses today are seeking highly skilled executives who can bring with them their strong global knowledge of finance as well as their expertise across a range of asset classes. 

AP Executive possesses in-depth understanding of the Swiss fund management sector, as well as the resources and expertise required to identify and attract the greatest executive talent in the fund management industry, not just in Switzerland but worldwide. Candidates today must possess a range of skills, as well as an ability to work in high-pressure environments to a consistently high level. 

We recruit for a complete spectrum of international fund management jobs, including: 

  • Investment Advisor / Senior Investment Advisor

  • Investment Manager / Senior Investment Manager

  • Head of Investments

  • Head of Funds

  • Fund Manager / Senior Fund Manager

A Meticulous, Conscientious Recruitment Process

Our Geneva and Zurich-based consultants understand that recruiting for fund management jobs is a meticulous process that must be fulfilled with precision in order to ensure the right fit. A great deal of elements are involved in finding the perfect fit, and we devote plenty of time in getting to know your organisation, its culture and values in order to present you with the most appropriate candidates to fill your available vacancies. 

Speak with one of our consultants today who will take the time to understand your unique needs. 

Previous Successful Recruitment 

  • Fund Specialist for a well-known sustainable private bank 

  • Assistant Vice President for a financial advisory firm 

  • Senior in-house Consultant for a leading hedge funds firm

  • Investment Advisor for an LLB Fund Services company 

Contact one of our dedicated consultants to discuss your specific requirements in utmost confidence.