Salary Guides

Do you know if your salaries are in line with your competitions'?

AP Executive helps finance-related businesses in Switzerland to determine the fairest and most competitive salaries for their employees, based on a number of factors including specific positions, region, industry, company size and more. 

We are regarded as one of the most respected sources for salary information and guidance for finance positions of all levels in Switzerland, with an in-depth knowledge on salaries for jobs in accounting, asset management, trusts and much more. 

Our guides offer information on a complete range of positions, starting at administration level right through to board level. We also include low, average and high salary comparison analyses to help you create competitive salary packages that are attractive to prospective candidates. 

Comprehensive Swiss Salary Guides to Give your Business an Edge

Our Swiss salary guides draw on extensive research of the Swiss finance market and are regularly updated for absolute accuracy and relevance. In the case where specific jobs are not featured in our standard salary guides, we provide this information on an ad-hoc basis. 
In addition to offering salary information in finance-related fields, we also provide insights into the latest benefits and hiring trends, with a particular focus on finance-related vacancies including asset management, family office and much more.

These salary guides for Switzerland provide insightful and valuable information that your business needs in order to stand out from the crowd, particularly in the highly competitive employment sector where it’s never been more crucial to target top candidates and offer the right benefits. 

Please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive salary guides and rates for Switzerland including many positions across numerous professional fields. ​