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Widely recognised as a superpower, the United States of America is a country in North America, comprising of 50 states, a federal district and five major territories. It functions as a federal republic, where the Head of the State is democratically elected by the citizens. Washington D.C is the capital, and other big cities include New York, Miami, Delaware, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago.

The US boasts a highly diverse population, with 80% having a European descent. There is a significant proportion of Asian, Latin American and African population and the diversity is maintained through sustained immigration.

The US has established itself as a premier financial centre, with 132 of Fortune’s Global 500 companies having their headquarters here to take advantage of its highly competitive and dynamic financial services sector. The industry is well-diversified; however, some of the sub-sectors that dominate the market are asset management, banking, insurance, stocks, bonds, accounting, family office and venture capital. With Wall Street as the financial hub, New York leads in several sectors, including hedge fund management, private equity, stock exchange, risk and compliance and commercial and investment banking.

As the world’s largest and most productive economy, driven by a strong financial services market, the US continues to exert considerable influence in global affairs.


As the hub of international business and commerce, choosing the US for work or business is probably the best decision you can ever make. From a robust economy and political stability to world-class infrastructure and excellent communication facilities, the US offers a favourable environment for foreign entrepreneurs and businesses to expand and thrive. The government’s open immigration policies and attractive investment incentives have also allowed international investors to successfully tap into the US market.

The finance sector across different cities is booming with opportunities, such as Boston is well-known for assessment management businesses, Chicago is a hotspot for derivatives trading, San Francisco is home to many brokerage and banking firms, Miami's Brickell is a major financial district and New York is an international financial centre.

The country attracts highly- skilled professionals from around the world by offering numerous career opportunities, high standard of living and a vibrant social life.

The US offers highly effective healthcare services, whilst incorporating the best scientific knowledge and medical innovations. Largely owned and operated by the private sector, the US lacks a comprehensive public healthcare system; however, most companies provide healthcare insurance plans to their employees.

The United States has one of the best educational systems in the world, which offers a wide and varied curriculum catering to the requirements of everyone. Education is compulsory until the age of 16 or 18, depending on the state, with many public schools offering free education.

Settling in the US is much easier than elsewhere in the world. As the melting pot of different cultures, the US is a highly diverse nation. Most cities offer an exciting and vibrant social life, with plays, museums, pubs, restaurants, clubs, international sporting, music and film events, as well as an exclusive shopping experience. Each city has something different to offer, such as Texas boasts a unique blend of “Old West charm and modern sophistication”, Denver has excellent opportunities for outdoor recreational activities, San Francisco is known as a “cultural medley”, with world-class restaurants, stunning architecture and distinctive neighbourhoods and Phoenix has sunshine all year round. And the best thing is excellent transport links, with efficient air, road and water connections. The US offers something for every taste.


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Setting up a company in the US can be relatively straight-forward and easy, provided you’re aware of the rules and regulations and have an exhaustive business plan in hand.

Under the E-2 Visa route, you can operate your business in the US for a maximum period of two years with the option for extension depending on your requirements.   


Relocating to America is a dream for many highly-qualified foreign nationals. If you’re looking to move to America, the first thing you need is a valid work visa. There are different visa categories depending on the type of work and qualification of the employee.


This visa allows foreign nationals with 'extraordinary ability' to move to the US under the priority worker category. It also covers the transfer of senior-level managers and executives from multinational companies to a US affiliate company. There are also other E-classes visas available for skilled professionals.

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This visa allows companies to hire foreign professionals with expertise in certain specialist industries that are currently experiencing labour shortage. The employer applies for this visa on your behalf.

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