Investment Banking China

China is home to numerous investment banking companies that are always in need of executive-level investment banking staff. Both the Chinese banking industry and foreign banks’ assets have grown significantly in the last 15 years, meaning there are plenty of opportunities here to evolve your investment banking career.

Aside from offering exceptional career development opportunities, China is also an incredibly exciting place to live and work. The country has a rich and multifaceted culture, a history dating back thousands of years, as well as unrivalled opportunities for local and global travel.

At AP Executive, our top investment banking recruiters have the tools, flexibility and experience to support our clients in developing accurate, successful recruitment decisions. Using a discreet, insightful approach, our investment banking executive recruiters are able to identify only the most applicable candidates for presentation, who will quickly and effectively produce positive results in their new role.

Some of the many investment banking roles we have successfully filled in China are:

  • Managing Director

  • M&A Associate Advisor

  • Private Equity Specialist

  • Senior Financial Analyst

  • Financial Controller

  • Head of Acquisition

  • Regulatory Compliance Officer

  • KYC Advisor

  • Operational Risk Manager

  • Compliance Surveillance Associate

Best Investment Banking Recruiters

No matter your needs, AP Executive’s investment banking headhunters can deliver. Our knowledge and connection to an international network of professionals makes us a leading investment banking executive search firm, with an outstanding reputation.

At AP Executive, we support you throughout your search for top investment banking jobs in China, taking into account your background, experience, values and personality. We are confident in our ability to deliver measureable results, thanks to our specialist knowledge, innovative approach and credibility.

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