Wealth Management Jobs China

As China becomes a leading developed nation, there are lots of jobs on offer, and if you are appropriately qualified and experienced, your chances of finding a good, high-paying job are enhanced.

Lots of international corporations are establishing a presence in China. As a result, there is great demand for international experts to mediate transitions between the Chinese branches and foreign headquarters, and these are high-paying roles offering plenty of benefits.

China is a leader in wealth management and the sector continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Assets are becoming increasingly diverse, and because of this, demand for executive talent remains high. There are plenty of top wealth management jobs in China and the country encourages expats to apply for executive roles.

At AP Executive, we support senior and corporate staff in their search for wealth management roles in China. Our wealth management headhunters will guide you in reaching your career goals, taking into account experience and skills, as well as personality. What’s more, we offer relocation services, supporting you every step of the way.

Some of the many wealth management vacancies we have successfully filled include:

  • Senior Wealth Manager

  • Head of Wealth Management

  • Premier Relationship Manager

  • Mortgage Protection Manager

  • Chartered Financial Planner

  • Operations Manager

  • Financial Wealth Manager

  • Associate Solicitor – Tax and Wealth Planning

  • Wealth Management Consultant

  • Wealth Management Support Associate

AP Executive: Top Wealth Management Recruiters

In recent years, China has made major developments to attract international talent. Changes to the visa process and permit requirements, along with developments within newly expanded trade zones, have made relocating to China much easier. What’s more, there’s a particular emphasis on attracting international talent to the region.

We know that the wealth management job search can be a tricky process, particularly if you are looking to relocate. At AP Executive, we help you in your search for wealth management positions in China. Our specialist recruiters are passionate about placing you in a role that meets your talents, skills and aspirations while helping you realise your career potential.

Contact our wealth management executive recruiters to discuss your specific needs.