Executive Recruitment in China

AP Executive is a leading executive search firm offering unparalleled consultant executive search solutions. We help our clients to recruit the best talent for their executive roles in China, thus helping to unlock the power of transformational leadership whilst building a more diverse and successful organisation.

Founded in 1990, our executive recruitment agency is now established in more than 55 jurisdictions across the globe, and continues to grow and evolve at an unprecedented pace.

Offering deep industry knowledge and expertise, we provide our clients with seamless access to an in-demand marketplace. Through our comprehensive executive services, we are able to proficiently fill some of China’s best executive jobs within sectors such as fintech, cryptocurrency, tax, fund management and much more.

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Unrivalled Awareness & Expertise

Our comprehensive approach to global executive recruitment employs a number of methods to evaluate an individual’s ability to perform, fit in and excel in a leadership position in China. In particular, our clients turn to us for help with talent acquisition and planning, talent management and development, employee engagement and HR expertise.

For candidates, not only do we provide access to exclusive job alerts, but we also offer the latest market information, employer insights and relocation advice once you’re ready to make the move.



Loyalty and Commitment

We believe in the importance of loyalty and commitment, and in building relationships based on trust, respect and reliability.

Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction

Professionalism and customer satisfaction lie at the heart of our approach, governing our actions and services towards our clients and candidates.

Confidentiality and Integrity

For us, integrity means delivering on our promise, managing expectations, maintaining ongoing communication and remaining confidential at all stages.​