Fund Management China

China is rapidly becoming a leading developed nation with one of the biggest economies in the world. What’s more, there is growing demand for executive-level staff and a particular interest in high-caliber overseas talent. Many sectors, including IT, tech and finance, are growing at a remarkable pace, and there is plenty of scope here to cultivate your career.

With interesting work experience, attractive salaries and great living conditions, China is becoming an increasingly popular destination for expats seeking investment fund and fund management employment.

At AP Executive, we support you at every stage of your career change in China. We offer information about Chinese laws and work requirements, as well as related work visa information needed for your employment. We also provide you with relocation advice based on your specific needs.

Some of the many fund management jobs we’ve successfully filled include:

  • Investment Manager

  • Investment Adviser

  • Anti-money Laundering Tax Specialist

  • Data Scientist

  • Fund Administrator

  • Fund Manager

  • Company Secretary

  • Information Systems Auditor

Leading Fund Management Headhunters

The fund management sector is changing on a regular basis as alternative lending products and platforms continue to evolve at a rapid pace. In China, the fund management sector is thriving and there are numerous firms in the region in need of executive staff for available roles.

At AP Executive, we understand the complexities of the sector and possess an in-depth knowledge of its many intricacies. This in-depth knowledge enables us to support our clients in sourcing top staff for their available fund management positions.

Seeking recruitment support for your fund management roles in China? Contact AP Executive’s investment fund headhunters today to discuss your individual needs.