Wealth Planning Jobs China

For many people, China is a desirable country for job opportunities as it has the second largest economy in the world and is a very affordable place to live. This huge country attracts many foreign corporations and workers, while there are an unlimited number of job opportunities here.

In China, there is particular demand for highly talented workers. There are plenty of opportunities for executives in the financial planning and wealth management sector, with some of the top wealth planning jobs located in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing.

In recent years, the country has made major developments in an effort to attract foreign talent. Today, there are plenty of jobs in wealth planning companies, as there are countless foreign-owned multinational companies here.

In order to find wealth planning positions in China, it’s advised to call upon the assistance of a wealth planning executive recruiter, such as AP Executive. We remain on hand to support you through every stage of the portfolio management and wealth planning job seeking process, from sourcing top roles to facilitating the relocation process.

We’ve helped thousands of job seekers find top wealth planning roles in China. Some of the many vacancies we have filled include:

  • Private Banking Regulated Financial Adviser/Private Banker

  • Client Support Executive – Wealth Planning

  • Associate Solicitor – Tax and Wealth Planning

  • Head of Wealth Planning

  • Senior Wealth Planner

  • Chartered Financial Planner

  • Operations Manager

AP Executive: Top Wealth Planning Recruiters

AP Executive’s wealth planning headhunters are here to support you in your quest to recruit leading global staff. With more than 30 years of headhunting experience, we have a rich database of executive candidates ready to fill your wealth planning vacancies.

Our search experts and professional advisors have the experience, industry knowledge and integrity to deliver exceptional results.

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