Forex Jobs and Recruitment in Cyprus

We specialise in the recruitment of executive-level professionals for variety of positions within the Forex industry in Cyprus. Using our in-depth understanding of this thriving industry, we match the brightest Forex professionals with leading brokerage companies. 

We have experts in Forex jobs who recruit for positions such as:

  • Forex Market Analyst

  • Business Development

  • Corporate Lawyer 

  • Brokers/Traders

  • Account Managers 

  • Exchange Operations Manager 

  • Senior Relationships Managers

  • Fx Sales Executive

  • Compliance Officer 

Global Forex Recruitment Specialist

Our Cyprus team, based in Limassol, boasts a proven track record of successful C-suite placements within the Forex industry. We understand the unique challenges clients face in this sector, and use our extensive network of Forex professionals and innovative sourcing techniques to deliver customised solutions to all your recruitment challenges.Our highly experienced consultants can also provide you with up-to-date and relevant advice on the Forex market as well as local legislation and regulations.

We focus on all executive level Forex staffing from Forex market analyst and senior account managers to chief compliance officer and exchange operations manager positions.