Alternative Investment Jobs Mauritius

Mauritius has a robust economy with major industries including financial services, business services and Information Technology. Other sectors, including cybersecurity, software development, and real estate, are equally thriving.

If you’re seeking alternative investment jobs overseas, Mauritius could be a top choice, and is a highly popular destination for expats. This small, multicultural island nation offers great opportunities for senior professionals seeking career progression opportunities. Outside of work, you’ll benefit from other-worldly attractions, including outstanding national parks, beaches and waterfalls.

At AP Executive, we work tirelessly to support candidates with their alternative investment executive job search in Mauritius. Established in 1990, AP Executive rapidly grew across the globe, and today has a major presence in the alternative investment recruitment space. We adopt best industry practices, working closely with candidates to match them to a role that suits their skills, background, personality and career aspirations.

Some of the many roles in Mauritius we have successfully filled are:

  • Investor Relations Administrator

  • Business Analyst

  • Asset Management Compliance Officer

  • Senior Alternative Assets Manager

  • Operational Due Diligence Associate

  • Alternative Investment Specialist

  • Private Equity Fund Associate

  • Alternative Investment Project Manager

Leading Global Alternative Investment Recruitment Specialists

If you have an alternative investment job to fill, look no further than AP Executive. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide pioneering alternative investment recruitment solutions, ensuring we source the highest-quality candidates for your available roles.

Our clients benefit from a range of value-added services, including talent acquisition and planning, talent management and development, employee engagement and benchmarking guides. This range of services gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors when it comes to attracting and engaging top alternative investment talent.

Seeking comprehensive alternative investment executive search solutions? Contact AP Executive today.