Family Office Jobs Mauritius

When you think about employment in Mauritius, what comes to mind? Most people think of Mauritius as a country reserved for luxury holidays and adventures, however, it’s also renowned for its exceptional employment environment.

For executives in particular, there are plenty of job opportunities here. If you’re seeking employment in the family office services sector, then this is the ideal location. There are so many family office and investment management firms here, all of which are looking for experienced, qualified staff.

We work with a number of family office clients, working hard to understand their unique staffing needs. From here, we undertake a meticulous approach to family office headhunting, ensuring factors such as qualifications, skills and personality are all taken into account.

We’ve filled a number of jobs for family office companies, including:

  • Family Office Fund Manager

  • Family Office Management Specialist

  • Family Office Asset Management Director

  • Family Office Private Banker

  • Family Office Finance Accountant

  • Private Equity Accountant

  • Chief Operating Officer

Top Private Family Office Executive Recruiters

In Mauritius, there is great demand for family office investment solutions for ultra-high-net-worth investors. In recent years, Mauritius has risen as a top destination for family office financial services, with heightened need for services surrounding wealth preservation, family disputes, succession planning and the complexities that come with managing family affairs.

As a result of these complexities, private wealth family offices are increasingly in need of skilled professionals who understand the intricacies of the sector, and how to manage client expectations.

At AP Executive, we take your unique family office hiring needs into consideration, performing comprehensive recruitment processes that lead to positive results. Our family office headhunters are extremely well-connected in the industry, and are experts at uncovering the issues that matter when it comes to hiring crucial staff.

Contact AP Executive to confidentially discuss your family office wealth management recruitment needs.