Wealth Management Jobs Mauritius

Mauritius isn’t simply an island gem situated in the Indian Ocean; this is also a top location for expats seeking executive-level jobs. Some of the top reasons why expats wish to relocate to Mauritius include the island’s open, friendly people, the cultural diversity and gorgeous tropical surroundings. The island has low levels of crime, while salaries for qualified professionals are also good. What’s more, the education system in Mauritius is excellent, making this an attractive destination for professionals with families.

The country has a robust economy which continues to grow. Major industries include tourism, transport, financial services and wealth management, and there is great need for executive-level professionals to fill wealth management positions.

At AP Executive, our wealth management executive recruiters work across our global network of offices based in the world’s leading financial hubs. We strive to ensure the most successful and expedient wealth management executive search solutions, based on comprehensive search, selection and networking.

The quality of our applicant interviews is essential for our wealth management headhunters in Mauritius. At every stage of the recruitment process, we support you in finding the right individual for your available wealth management roles.

We have successfully filled a range of wealth management vacancies in Mauritius, including:

  • Senior Wealth Manager

  • Head of Wealth Management

  • Premier Relationship Manager

  • Mortgage Protection Manager

  • Chartered Financial Planner

  • International Financial Advisor

  • Wealth Management Consultant

  • Private Banking Assistant

  • Wealth Associate

  • Operations Manager

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At AP Executive, our mission is to build the future by delivering world-class services that shift to meet your changing needs. We are very flexible in our approach, placing an integral focus on maximizing results for our clients.

Our international team of top wealth management recruiters specialises in recruiting for executive-level positions in Mauritius. We have a vast global reach and in-depth local knowledge to support you with your staffing needs.

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