Private Equity Jobs Mauritius

There are plenty of private equity firms located in Mauritius, many of which remain in need of professionals to fill their private equity firm jobs. The country is widely recognized for its robust international investment structure, while it enjoys a low tax regime and an extensive network of double tax treaties.

There are many reasons to consider getting a job in private equity in Mauritius. The country has a strong economy which continues to grow, while its financial services industry offers many opportunities to accelerate your private equity career. Taxation is low compared with many African countries, while healthcare and education are both of a high level.

AP Executive is a leading private equity recruiting firm that has filled many private equity positions in Mauritius. These include:

  • Investment Analyst

  • Private Equity Analyst

  • Risk and Compliance Manager

  • Senior Fund Accountant

  • Investment Manager

  • Investment Advisor

  • Assistant Private Banker

  • Compliance Officer

  • In-House Legal Counsel

  • Private Credit & Equity Analyst

Best Private Equity Headhunters for Mauritius

Our private equity executive search firm is renowned for filling the latest private equity job roles with superior talent. Our PE headhunters take the time to understand the intricacies of both your role and your firm, then screen talent based on those intricacies.

We believe your business should be able to fill its private equity vacancies with speed, efficacy and confidence. We also understand the importance of finding the right staff for your private equity finance jobs, and go above and beyond to ensure the right fit in terms of background, ambitions, experience, personality and cultural fit.

Contact our private equity recruitment agency today to discover the latest private equity fund jobs or to discuss your PE recruiting needs.