Alternative Investment Jobs New Zealand

New Zealand has a truly diverse alternative investment sector, and as such there are plenty of opportunities to accelerate your career here through a top alternative investment job. In addition to excellent salaries, employee benefits play a notable role, and include health coverage, flexible working hours, time in lieu and upskilling support.

At AP Executive, we work with experienced talent within the alternative investment sector. Whether you’re excelling at mid-level or are a proven senior leader, we’re here to help you take your career to the next level. From strategizing your career to securing a new position, we inspire you to realise your true potential.

Our alternative investment recruitment consultants work meticulously to match high-level candidates to top alternative investment jobs. Our alternative investment executive search specialists are results-driven professionals, and repeatedly go above and beyond at all levels and stages of the job search process.

Some of the many alternative investment roles we have recently filled in New Zealand include:

  • Alternative Investments Advisor

  • Wealth Management Support Associate

  • Client Relationship Manager

  • Senior Compliance Counsel

  • Structuring Analyst

  • Ultra High Net Worth Internal Specialist

  • Investor Relations Associate

  • Private Equity Director

  • Senior Fund Accountant

  • Alternative Investment Director

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At AP Executive, we find outstanding candidates for your high-level alternative investment jobs. Established in 1990, we are in a uniquely strong position to meet your alternative investment recruitment requirements at the executive level. Our team is professional, efficient and always on point with exceptional communication and customer care. Through our refined recruiting expertise, we empower businesses to truly excel.

If you’re seeking a new alternative investment job in New Zealand or need the support of our alternative investment executive search specialists, contact AP Executive today.