Legal Jobs New Zealand

New Zealand is a truly unique part of the world brimming with excellent employment opportunities, a burgeoning economy and a wonderful quality-of-life. While New Zealanders work hard at their jobs, work-life balance is also strongly encouraged, meaning outside of work, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy this magical country. Pay is excellent, the standard of living is high and otherworldly nature abounds.

If you’re seeking to augment you law career in New Zealand, you can count on the support of AP Executive. Our executive legal recruiters help job seekers to find the best possible legal jobs in New Zealand, based on their experiences, skills, personalities, career aspirations and salary expectations.

Our consultants are experts in the field and are able to give candidates access to some of the top law jobs in the country. By working closely with candidates, we help them not only in finding a relevant law job in New Zealand but also in realizing their potential throughout their legal career.

Some of the many legal positions we have successfully filled in New Zealand are:

  • Private Client Solicitor

  • Insurance Associate

  • Real Estate Associate

  • Senior Litigation Solicitor

  • Funds Coordinator

  • International Arbitration Legal Advisor

  • Corporate Legal Executive

  • Commercial Property Lawyer

  • Banking and Finance Legal Executive

  • Senior Employment Lawyer

Fill your Law Positions with Top talent

At AP Executive, our legal executive search firm has all the tools and resources you need to fill your positions in law with superior talent. We’re passionate about doing an outstanding job for both our clients and our candidates, ensuring we match the right individuals to the right roles.

Looking to fulfil your law career or jobs needs in New Zealand? Contact AP Executive today.