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The Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis is a two-island federation in the West Indies and the smallest sovereign State both by area and population. The currency used is ECD (Eastern Caribbean Dollars); this currency is shared by eight states in the Caribbean. It is a British overseas territory and now functions as an independent, democratic state. The legal system is based on common law derived from the U.K.

Although a small nation, the financial services sector, in the recent past, has boomed exponentially, making St. Kitts & Nevis an attractive offshore jurisdiction. The Island has been recognised as the Best Offshore Financial Services Destination in the Caribbean for two successive years (2012 & 2013) by the Global Banking & Finance Review.

Tourism and agriculture are two other major pillars of the economy. The scenic natural beauty and Caribbean culture, combined with several high-end events like the annual music festival, draw tourists from across the world.


St. Kitts & Nevis is a popular choice for highly-qualified expats and offshore investors. It boasts a well-developed financial service sector with a highly- skilled workforce and efficient telecommunication infrastructure.

With a stable and secure economy as well as a Westminster model of government, the two-island nation encourages businesses to thrive within a stable political and well-regulated environment. Nevis international financial services sector offers numerous taxation benefits to offshore companies, limited liability companies and trusts. These include exemption from income taxes, social security taxes, capital gain taxes, withholding taxes, gift taxes, estate and succession taxes. Under the Fiscal Incentives Act, several enterprises qualify for tax holidays, such a concessions and full exemption from import duties on parts, raw materials and production machinery.

Apart from numerous tax incentives, minimum red tape and favourable time zone also attract entrepreneurs. St Kitts and Nevis have two international airports, with good flight connectivity to the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. There is efficient and affordable primary healthcare service as well as public and private schools offering high-quality education.

It is widely touted as the “Jewel of Caribbean”, with rich historical and cultural heritage as well as spectacular natural beauty.


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St. Kitts and Nevis attract foreign investors by offering numerous attractive benefits. There are plenty of flexible options when choosing a business structure for your company. You can set up a Limited company or enter into a joint venture - whatever you choose it is advisable that you do thorough research and planning before registering.


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Work Visa application

If not a national, one must apply for a valid work permit. This is usually carried out as follows; A Work Permit is granted for one calendar year, from the 1st of January to the 31st December. Renewal of a work permit is not automatic. Applications must be submitted by October of the issued year.