Asset Management Jobs New Zealand

If you’re seeking to evolve your investment management career, New Zealand is a top choice for first-rate jobs. With its quality infrastructure and robust economy, it’s no surprise that many people seek employment here.

New Zealand enjoys a superior work-life balance and the workplace typically allows for flexible working hours and arrangements. The working environment is relaxed while teamwork is highly regarded. What’s more, while the quality of life is high, so too are the salaries.

New Zealanders have a strong, independent streak that encourages a less formal management style. So if you’re seeking a unique work environment that will inevitably cultivate your career, New Zealand is certainly the ideal choice.

At AP Executive, we adopt a flexible, quality approach to the entire asset management recruitment process. Our asset management headhunters adopt powerful sourcing solutions to ensure we attract the most suitable candidates in the market.

Some of the many roles in investment management our team has successfully filled are:

  • Lead Asset Protection Investigator

  • Financial Planning and Asset Management Support Associate

  • Global Digital Asset Management Administrator

  • Mortgage Protection Manager

  • Chartered Financial Planner

  • Asset Management Support Associate

  • Asset Management Consultant

  • Investment Fund Manager

  • Client Support Executive - Asset Management

  • Financial Asset Manager

Leading Asset Management Executive Search Services

AP Executive is a globally renowned asset management recruitment agency situated in more than 55 jurisdictions worldwide. Our dedicated consultants provide superior solutions to businesses seeking to fill asset management roles with staff who will help their businesses to excel. Further, we offer talent management and development solutions while helping businesses to adopt positive management practices and working environments.

For job seekers, aside from giving access to the latest asset manager positions in New Zealand, we also offer career advice, market information, relocation support and much more.

Contact AP Executive’s asset management executive recruiters to discuss your specific needs.

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