Private Equity Fund Jobs New Zealand

The New Zealand financial system is dominated by the banking sector, while there are numerous private equity firms situated here. Skilled workers remain in demand for private equity fund jobs, therefore if you are seeking to accelerate your private equity career, New Zealand may be the right choice.

AP Executive is a leading private equity recruitment agency with a solid reputation for transparency, excellence and rapid execution of services. Our specialist recruiters connect you with the best private equity finance jobs in New Zealand, taking into account your career aspirations, salary expectations, personality, cultural affinity and much more. We work closely with you from day one, supporting you with CV and interview preparation, as well as relocation advice and salary guidelines.

Our best private equity recruiters have filled plenty of roles in New Zealand, including:

  • Venture Associate

  • Equity Trader

  • Trust Administrator

  • Compliance Officer

  • Credit Analyst

  • Client Advisor

  • Private Equity Lawyer

  • Investment Services Advisor

  • Trust Lawyer

  • Assistant Private Banker

Best Private Equity Headhunters for New Zealand

AP Executive is a specialist private equity recruiting firm offering bespoke solutions to PE firms across New Zealand. We get to know our clients’ specific PE recruiting challenges, demands and expectations. From there, we undertake a comprehensive approach to filling their private equity firm positions with the very best talent.

Our private equity executive search firm specialises in carefully matching candidates to client needs and corporate culture. Through exhaustive research and industry knowledge, our PE headhunters are able to identify some of the most important developments in the industry. This industry knowledge and expertise allows us to act fast, recruiting top talent for your latest private equity job roles.

Seeking the latest private equity job openings in New Zealand? Looking to fill your private equity firm positions with top talent? Contact AP Executive today.