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Banking jobs 'likely to change with time'

  • Publish Date: Posted 30 September 2010
  • Author: AP Executive

​Brits in banking jobs are likely to find their role changes as the years go by.

This is according to Brian Capon, assistant director of media at the British Bankers' Association, who said the rise in internet services will have an effect on branches.

He said there is always likely to be a need for high street outlets, however he does not know whether they will operate in the same way ten years down the line.

Mr Capon also explained that banks are increasingly acting as a retailer to consumers.

"The whole concept of banking is changing so banks will take on the form that the customers drive," he continued. "I'm sure there will still be bank branches in ten years time."

His comments come after research conducted by revealed 51 per cent of Britons think bank branches many not exist in ten years time, with 31 per cent saying they prefer to carry out transactions online.