​Trust and Corporate Services International Recruitment

The international Trust and Corporate Services (T&CS) industry is growing at an incredible pace, with changes in regulatory requirements driving international demand. The industry is expected to grow by 3% to 5% in 2020, thanks to rising household wealth, greater corporate and tax regulation as well as more PE and real estate funds outsourcing administrative services. 
Due to increasing levels of complexity in the global corporate trust services industry, requirements have become increasingly refined. As a result, the availability of trust and corporate services jobs has never been greater; however, job seekers are expected to be highly knowledgeable, appropriately educated and conversant with the latest industry requirements.  
At AP Executive, we understand the changing global needs of this vast industry, and the requirement for businesses to fill roles with the most applicable, qualified staff. We work hard to source the right candidates for the right role, working closely with businesses and individuals alike to ensure the ultimate recruitment alignment.

Some of the many global corporate trust roles we fill include:

  • Finance Directors 

  • Client Directors 

  • Senior Trust Officers 

  • Vice Presidents 

  • Senior Managers

  • Assistant Managers 

  • Trust Managers

  • Trust Officers  

  • Senior Relationship Managers  

  • Operations Managers 

Bespoke Corporate Trust Recruitment Solutions

AP Executive offers bespoke recruitment solutions to businesses from across the globe within the trust and corporate services industry. Whether you are seeking executive-level corporate trust professionals or corporate trust careers, we’re here to help. 
Thanks to in-depth international knowledge and expertise, we are considered the agency of choice when it comes to corporate trust recruitment services. Our vast candidate base includes a wide range of executive-level professionals, including both passive and active candidates. 
Please contact our team of consultants today to discuss your individual needs.