​Compliance and Risk Management Recruitment

At AP Executive, we are proficient in sourcing the most suitable executive-level risk talent for our clients’ recruitment requirements, whether on a permanent, temporary or contract basis. We are one of the most qualified risk management recruitment agencies, working closely with clients and staff alike to source the most appropriate individuals for specific roles. 
We understand the significance of risk in our modern society, and appreciate its prevalence within every industry and at every stage of a lifecycle, including design, development, production and sustainment. 
Risks can come from various sources, such as uncertain financial markets, project failures, legal liabilities, credit risk, natural disasters and deliberate attack from an adversary. In our fast-paced world, the risks we have to manage to evolve quickly. As a result, there is always requirement on a global scale for compliance recruitment solutions. 

Because risk is inherent in everything that we do, there are many incredibly diverse roles undertaken by risk and compliance professionals. These include roles in insurance, business continuity, engineering, corporate governance, planning, financial services and much more. 

We recruit across the globe for a wide range of risk management/compliance roles, including: 

  • Compliance officers & analysts 

  • AML recruitment 

  • Operational risk banking jobs

  • Compliance analysts 

  • Legal advisors

  • Legal operations managers

  • Onboarding officers

  • Risk management officers 

  • Risk management advisors 

  • Risk engineering specialists 

Consistent and High-performance

AP Executive is one of the most internationally experienced compliance executive search firms with a meticulous approach to risk management in the recruitment process. 

At AP Executive, we understand the significance of risk management and compliance for any business. We possess a vast international network in the sector, as well as extensive recruiting experience.

We are dedicated to accompanying clients and candidates throughout the risk management executive search process, with an emphasis on professionalism, confidentiality and honesty at all times.      

Please contact one of our consultants today to discuss your recruitment needs.