Fund Management Jobs & Recruitment

The fund management industry has evolved considerably over the years, particularly with the emergence of new technologies, regulations and policies. Today, the industry has a great deal associated with it, from the inception of the idea of an investment fund, right through to its launch, management, administration and oversight. 
There are also so many options when it comes to fund management, from private equity funds and exchange-traded funds to money market funds and emerging market funds. In our diverse and multifaceted society, the options are almost infinite when it comes to investment. 
As a result of the breadth and depth of this industry, there are a wealth of roles associated with fund management across the globe.

At AP Executive, we understand the significance of fund management and its potential for further growth. We recruit for a wide range of fund management jobs, including include:

  • Investment Advisor / Senior Investment Advisor

  • Investment Manager / Senior Investment Manager

  • Lawyers

  • Tax specialists 

  • Head of Investments

  • Head of Funds

  • Fund Manager / Senior Fund Manager

  • Company secretaries 

Consistent and High-performance

The strength of the financial services sector means there are excellent opportunities for fund management jobs worldwide, with many unique and diverse roles emerging including those with a focus on socially aware funds, which are becoming particularly in demand for millennial investors.
Working heavily in this sector has given our consultants the expertise needed to recognise a consistently high performing fund or investment manager, and match these skills to the clients' requirements. We are well aware of the evolving changes and requirements for fund managers, and appreciate the value of an appropriately hired employee. 
If you are seeking a new job opportunity within the fund management sector or are searching for executive-level candidates, please contact AP Executive today.