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Due to current global sanctions issued by international governments, AP Group, its subsidiaries and associated companies have suspended all of our services provided to Russian-owned companies and individuals listed on any sanctions. We will continue to monitor the sanctions lists and update our services accordingly.

AP Executive offers recruitment services in Moscow, for Moscow Jobs please do not hesitate to contact our experienced consultants.   

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Moscow is the capital of Russia and home to some 12 million inhabitants. It is the most populated city in Russia, Continental Europe and the seventh most populous in the world. Furthermore, Russia hosts 99 billionaires.​


Moscow is a city packed full of history and culture. There are many misconceptions about Moscow, many of which are false; an example of this would be the food. Many think that Russian food is stodgy and not very pleasant. This is not so, there are various local restaurants that cater to all tastes, it just takes a bit of "trying out" to find what you like.

When it comes to tax, Moscow proves attractive to potential employees wanting to relocate to the capital. Personal income tax in Moscow is levied upon individuals at a flat rate of 13% (providing you are resident and/or work in the country more than 183 days a year). Furthermore, employees in Russia do not have to file a tax return; it is automatically deducted by the company the individual isworking for. If one is working in Moscow for less than 183 days a year, then the tax rate jumps to 30%. The corporate profit tax in Moscow is 20% of pre-tax profits, although dividends paid to shareholders are only subject a to a 9% tax. There is a special tax in Russia on gambling (13%) and lottery wins (35%)

There are various arms of international businesses in Moscow, this includes; Private Banks, asset management companies, trusts and investment banks.


How to start a small business in Russia

Russian business landscape is teeming with opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs. Visit the following website to learn more about starting a business in Moscow.


If you want to work in Russia, you will need to be registered and get a work permit. The work permit is an official document in the form of a plastic card which can be obtained by applying to the Federal Migration Service. The application takes about 10 days to be processed. If the permit is given, you can legally be employed in Russia by a company, or you can become self-employed. The cost of a work permit is 1,000 rubles which is approximately 25 Euros. There are also temporary permits.
Foreign citizens living in Moscow who have a temporary or full residence permit do not need to get a separate work permit. There are also some other special categories of people who do not need a work permit.

Once the work permit is issued, you should find gainful employment within 90 days, otherwise you will be expected to leave Russia. If you are working, but you have to leave Russia temporarily, you do not have to apply for another permit: the work permit will stay valid for the period of time for which it was issued.