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Many workers "embarrassed" to claim expenses

  • Publish Date: Posted 20 April 2011
  • Author: AP Executive

​Individuals working in finance jobs may be among those who are unnecessarily losing money because they feel guilty or embarrassed about claiming back expenses they are entitled to from their employers. According to a survey conducted by Concur, one in five employees spends cash on work costs of up to £270 that they do not try and get reimbursed for, while five per cent shell out over £600 per year from their own pocket on legitimate expenses. Financial adviser and TV presenter Lawrence Gold observed that another reason for people failing to claim what they are entitled to could be laziness, with many people deciding that it is too much hassle to fill out the paperwork. "If you think about it logically, we are really good at switching utility providers and saving between £200 and £300 a year, but when we're spending our money for our employer's benefit we don't claim it back," he said. He added that considering the tough economic times we live in, people should be doing more to ensure they are not wasting money unnecessarily.