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Changes in the Asset Management Market

  • Publish Date: Posted 29 June 2012
  • Author: AP Executive

​Since the global financial crisis, the financial services sector in general has experienced large changes, and the asset management market is no different. Demographic evolution and changes in regulation mean that the structure of the asset management industry is undergoing a transformation.

Part of the change is driven by client expectations, as investors are focusing more on risk management and demanding transparency from asset managers. Geographically, emerging markets are also having a big impact on asset management, in particular the strong growth in Asia and the Middle East is causing waves. This all, obviously, has an effect on the market for asset management jobs in Singapore, Hong Kong and other key centres.

Singapore has been an important financial centre for several years. It is ranked 4th for the asset management industry according to the Global Financial Centres Index survey and is continuing to grow in importance in the market, offering alternative investment options and creating Singapore asset management jobs. This is due in no small part to the Government's policies. They have an aim to become the asset management centre of Asia so have dedicated resources to actively marketing the region as an attractive location, and have implemented tax incentives.

The Government is focused on the long term success of Singapore as a centre for asset management so is not looking for a quick fix of unstable growth. Instead they are encouraging long term stability through regulation, including licensing laws and risk management frameworks. This is a deliberate post financial crisis strategy to ensure that asset management companies are steady and viable, but also to reassure investors of the stability of Singapore's asset management market. This means that those applying for Singapore asset management jobs should be aware of the local economic environment and compliance issues.

Singapore is an economically and politically stable area, so those looking for asset management jobs in Singapore can be reassured of its potential. In 2010 total asset managed by asset managers in Singapore reached $1.4 trillion so the opportunities here are exciting and viable.

Some awareness of the local culture will be beneficial, as will a willingness to learn the language, even though English is spoken widely in business. If you would like advice about asset management jobs in Singapore we have experts on hand to help.