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Challenges in Senior Executive Job search

  • Publish Date: Posted 29 September 2015
  • Author: Gina Le Prevost

Are you a senior level executive looking for your next career step? Then you need to be aware of the potential challenges ahead of you and how we can help you overcome these hurdles.

There is a general perception that higher the career ladder, easier it is to land a job. However, these days this conception no longer holds water. Whilst graduates are struggling in the job market due to lack of experience, senior executives also face challenges in their job search, however for different reasons.

Here we have highlighted some commonly experienced difficulties in executive level job search.  This is to help you understand the challenges that you may encounter when looking for the next career opportunity.

1.   Difficult to find C-level jobs
Senior executive jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to find - be it for internal recruitment or lack of advertisement. In such a scenario, job search can be time-consuming, complicated and frustrating. Although this may not always mean a dearth of senior level openings, finding a perfect job match for C-level skills set can be long and tedious.

2. Failure to get an entry
There are several gatekeepers to senior executive positions. This complicates the hiring process and hinders entry. The company’s Human resource team, too, may not be of any help; they mostly cater for the recruitment of junior to mid-level candidates. A strong network of contacts can prove helpful here, along with superior references and referrals. Whilst right contacts can fetch the dream job, considering the high position and work-load, networking for job remains a difficult task for most senior level executives.

3. Filling up vacancies through internal hiring
Most companies find it safer to consider internal candidates for senior level positions. Hiring someone from outside can be expensive and time-consuming; they rather opt for internal recruitment instead of investing resources in training a new employee. However, an internal candidate may not always perfectly match the job criteria, and then the company needs to look for a better qualified candidate from outside.

4. Compromise with remuneration
Senior level executives enjoy numerous benefits, including a hefty salary. However, you may have to compromise with the remuneration when looking for a new position. Accepting a pay cut may be a prudent decision, if you get matched with the right position and achieve career progression.

5. Tougher competition
Executive searches are far more complicated and intensely competitive than other job searches. Navigating through the fiercely competitive executive job market requires innovative strategies, thorough research and of course, patience. You need to set your professional goals right and market yourself accordingly to the relevant potential employers. 

6. Lost touch with interview skills 
Executive level candidates, after having spent years in an organization, come to a point when they seek a new opportunity or career change. But they may not have faced a job interview for years, and often they are not well-prepared for an executive level interview. Interview stage is the first point of face-to-face contact between the executive candidate and the company. As the job vacancy is of high-profile level, company would want the best to fill in that role.  Such powerful job positions usually attract multiple C-level candidates, so knowing the strategies to stand out from the crowd is crucial.

7. Not up-to-date with CV
– Often senior level jobseekers underestimate the importance of a professional CV. They let the CV gather dust, instead of keeping it updated and flawless at all times. In fact, they are fallible to similar mistakes which entry-level job seekers usually make.  An executive CV should showcase the unique ‘selling-points’ of the individual and be carefully tailored to the specific job position.

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