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Guernsey’s New Population Management Law

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 April 2017
  • Author: Gina Le Prevost

​The new Population Management Law in Guernsey, which is designed to address the island’s demographic challenges, came into force on 3 April, 2017.  The new law replaces the old Housing Control Law which focussed on controlling available housing on the island as a means to cap immigration. The newly introduced legislative measures aim to encourage the right make-up of people to meet the skills shortages as well as other social and fiscal objectives.

Following are some of the key changes:

Everyone living in Guernsey aged 16 and above needs to hold a Certificate or Permit in order to legally live and work here.

  • A Certificate is issued to someone who is entitled to live and work in Guernsey. Some Certificates will permit the holder to reside in only Open Market accommodation. 

  • A Permit is issued to someone whose residence status in the island is conditional and is based on things like working in a specific job, or living with a specific person.

To know more about Certificates and Permits please visit

Employment Permits are granted to foreign nationals who undertake jobs in skills and manpower shortage areas. There are three kinds of permits under this new legislation.

Long Term Permit:

  • Issued for a maximum period of 8 years ( after completion of 8 years of continuous residence the holder becomes an Established Resident).

  • Tied to the sponsoring employer.

  • Can live in Local Market housing.

  • Issued for jobs where there are persistent skills gaps in Guernsey and internationally.  

  • Some jobs under LTEP include: Senior level positions in Finance Advisory, Audit, Tax, Finance Controller, Fiduciary Services, Legal Services, Compliance and Insurance.

Medium Term Permit

  • Valid for a maximum of 5 years (the holder will have to take at least five years leave from the island before returning to work in Guernsey).

  • Tied to the sponsoring employer

  • Can live in Local Market housing

  • Issued for jobs where there are skills shortages in Guernsey, but not internationally.

  • Some jobs under MTEP include: mid-management level positions in Banking, Fund Services, Accountancy, Legal Services and Compliance.

Short – Term Permit

  • Valid for a maximum of 1 year at a time for unskilled roles and where there is a need for additional manpower.

  • Can be renewed (if the job can't be filled locally) until the holder completes 5 years' aggregate residence under Short Term Employment Permits.

  • Tied to the sponsoring employer.

  • Can live in shared Local Market housing only.

Here’s a quick guide to Employment Permits:

Introduction of Employer Portal: Employers can now submit applications for Employment Permits via the Employer Portal, which is a free, web-based system provided by the Gov of Guernsey. Online applications will make the process quicker and efficient.

AP Executive will continue to offer valuable advice and guidance to employers and candidates regarding the new population management law.