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High Demand for Senior Talent

  • Publish Date: Posted 25 April 2018
  • Author: Gina Le Prevost

​The island’s job market is currently flourishing with excellent opportunities in many sectors. Today, Guernsey presents a thriving and successful international business centre with many established economic sectors, including an internationally renowned financial services industry, a robust legal industry and a highly developed corporate and investment banking sector.  

Having bounced back positively in the past year from the 2008 financial crisis, the market is particularly buoyant at present and is very well positioned to continue developing and contributing to an already diversified economy. 

There are many reasons for this success, including high regulatory standards, high-quality core services and a transparent tax regime. All of this and more demonstrates just how prominent Guernsey currently is for employment, not just locally but on a global scale too. 

The fact that many junior staff are now being recruited is an extremely positive sign; however businesses are struggling to recruit high-quality professionals in mid to senior level trust and funds positions, where a minimum of five years’ experience is essential. 

This is largely due to relatively few trainees and graduates being hired in recent years, who would by now have progressed to this level of experience. As businesses continue to grow, demand for experienced professionals is now higher than ever – particularly in trust and funds – and there are countless opportunities for qualified individuals looking to secure senior positions and truly develop their careers in an exciting and competitive working environment.

‘AP Executive has been very instrumental in assisting Guernsey clients with the ability to find the right calibre of senior-level staff on the island or from other international centres.  Guernsey is now seen by local and international wealth management professionals as the place to work in the current job market.  This is a positive sign that the island can develop and compete in its global excellence with quality staff.  I believe, AP Executive is the only truly global agency to provide local and international staff in the Channel Islands.’ says Gina Le Prevost, CEO of AP Group.

AP Executive provides recruitment expertise to professionals seeking to develop their careers in Guernsey. Contact us on 01481 715700 or email for the latest job market advice.

Original article published in Guernsey Press Business Review on 25.04.2018

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