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Most Important Job Attributes for Executive Finance Professionals in 2018

  • Publish Date: Posted 20 June 2018
  • Author: Gina Le Prevost

​Executive employment opportunities in the finance, banking and investment sectors exist across the globe, and these industries are extremely multifaceted, offering a variety of positions that cater to a range of skills and interests. On a global scale, there remains a strong demand for high-level financial professionals, and job seekers can take advantage of this by planning their career paths in accordance with employer needs. 

AP Executive possesses first-hand knowledge and specialist expertise in recruiting for a range of niche financial sectors and has helped countless leading businesses worldwide to refine the workplace, source superior candidates and maintain optimal employee engagement. In this vastly competitive market where finding, recruiting and retaining the highest quality professionals for senior-level positions can be a challenge, it has never been more important to employ the services of an established international recruitment agency.

Attributes of the Ideal Finance Organisation 

According to a recent report carried out by eFinancialCareers, the most important attribute for finance professionals in 2018 is competitive salary, an attribute that has increased in importance since 2017. 

However, despite the significance of a competitive salary, job seekers and employees actually consider a challenging, interesting working environment to be of subsequent importance, followed closely by opportunities for promotion. Further virtues valued by employees include a positive organisational culture and strong executive leadership, though employers are not necessarily delivering in these areas. Finally, open and transparent communication is also considered a vital attribute, though the results found that only 39% of companies actually deliver on this quality. 

Evidently, it is not simply about the bottom line when it comes to a company’s appeal, but the cultural strengths of an organisation, with other factors such as office environment, solid training and development and industry innovator also leading the way. 

In an age where factors such as equality, diversity and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are regarded with great importance, particularly to millennials (who will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025, according to a recent AON Hewitt report), it is clear that businesses need to incorporate initiatives that take responsibility for their effects on social, economic and environmental wellbeing if they are to successfully attract and retain a competitive workforce. 

Closing Thoughts 

With so many candidates trying to establish a career in the finance, banking and investment sectors, it’s vital to create an authentic organisation that not only offers competitive salaries but fully realises the potential of its employees. And although remuneration will always be important to employees, it is not the only attractive attribute, with factors such as transparent and fulfilling working environment leading the way when it comes to what matters most. 

International companies should capitalise on these results in order to gain a better understanding of what top-tier professionals are looking for in the finance, banking and investment sectors, and to also make improvements to their employer brand in order to nurture a more engaged, loyal workforce. 

As a renowned international executive search firm, AP Executive are market leaders in executive search and selection. We specialise in helping businesses within the finance sector to reach their maximum potential, working closely with our clients to cultivate a progressive, productive working environment. We possess a high level of expertise combined with many years of experience, enabling us to offer an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise. 
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