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Are you promotion ready?

  • Publish Date: Posted 22 March 2022
  • Author: Emma Muirhead

​One of the most common reasons job seekers register with AP Executive because their current workplace lacks future promotional prospects.

The island’s busy job market is currently an employee-driven one and so promotional prospects are readily available and on an upward trend for jobseekers looking to enhance their careers.

To gain promotion it is usually a two-way proposition - you put in the effort and then you get rewarded with a pay rise and a new improved job title. During the years AP Executive have witnessed a number of exceptional candidates who have been overlooked having worked for their employer for a good many years and yet they appear to be in a ‘bottleneck’ situation when it comes to improving their stature in the workplace.

Employers can sometimes overlook a loyal and hardworking employee perhaps taking them for granted because they have worked for the organisation for so long the employer does not realise that they are desperate for promotion and recognition – and the employee is to worried to ask for promotion. Islanders are very fortunate in Jersey to have an above average lifestyle and work balance and a plethora of well-paid job opportunities to choose from.

We advise jobs seekers who are ready for promotion to always consider studying professional qualifications. Whilst for some candidates this sounds maybe difficult to find the time to swot up when you have busy work and social lives. But we cannot stress enough how important it is to be competitively qualified. Job markets are cyclical changing from employee-led to an employer-led and in particular it’s when a job market is on the side of the employer is when you wish you would have found time to study. When an employer has a number of candidates applying for a job they are looking to fill, you will outshine from the other job seekers if you are professionally qualified as well as experienced. Most employers do offer staff incentivised fringe benefits which usually include subsidised professional qualifications and can include paid study leave. Yet it seems all job seekers do not take advantage of this useful staff benefit. Admittedly nothing is for free so employers usually insist the employee signs a payback agreement for the costs of the qualifications if they leave their employer within a period of time, but still, what a generous incentive there for the taking!

You can never be certain what is facing you in your future career – for example, no one saw the 2008 downturn coming or the drastic effects it had on companies and jobs – and a lot of candidates at the time who were made redundant would never see their type of income or job position again – why? because a lot of unemployed candidates were professionally underqualified. If you are going to be the breadwinner in your personal circumstances, it is even more important to think ahead and be prepared by getting professionally qualified relevant to your chosen career – it’s never too late to study and by being professionally qualified and experienced in your industry can give you the promotional opportunities you may crave for whether it’s with your current employers or a new one.

Ways to get promoted

  • Make your boss' job easier

  • Work on your communication skills with clients and colleagues

  • Ask how you can improve in your job

  • Be nice to others in the workplace

  • Communicate with your boss and get recognised

  • Study and improve your skills in and out of house

  • Pay attention to others that get promoted

  • Work hard and help those around you when you can