Family Office Jobs Zurich

There is no standard description for family office jobs. These roles can range from investment roles to administrative, with specialist roles common. This means that recruiting for family office jobs is difficult and each role has to be dealt with on an individual basis to ensure the best candidate is found.

You can find a range of family office jobs in Zurich, including:

  • Head of Family Office / CEO

  • Lifestyle Manager

  • Accountant / Financial Analyst

  • Private and Corporate Lawyer

  • Chief Legal Officer

  • Family Office Manager

  • Real Estate, Private Equity and Hedge Funds Investment Specialist

Dedicated and Experienced

Our consultants have a wealth of experience when it comes to family office jobs in Zurich. They understand how to find the best results for each role by going beyond the skills of a candidate, as personality is also very important to ensure a good working environment. We have also been involved in setting up private offices from scratch that are suited to our client's needs, so speak to AP Executive now to find out more.