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The Jobs by Email facility offers all job seekers opportunity to receive relevant jobs directly by email on daily basis. As well as our consultants maintaining regular contact, by subscribing to AP Executive you can receive updates on all our new vacancies direct to your inbox! To ensure that you are receiving the positions most relevant to you, choose the sectors and locations that interest you. Every vacancy we register that fits your criteria will be emailed directly to you. Simply let us know if you would like to have your CV put forward for the role and we’ll do the rest!

Set your preferences on your account to receive the very latest jobs direct to your inbox. Once you have set your filters, we will ensure that you receive only the jobs which are relevant to you.

Note: by subscribing to Job Alerts you will only receive emails from the website and not other marketing updates from AP Group. Should you wish to receive other information as well, please send your CV for registration. Same applies when you wish to unsubscribe, if you are registered with the agency, removing your email address from the Job Alerts will not remove your subscription from other marketing updates.