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'Enjoyment rather than money' can mean greater job satisfaction

  • Publish Date: Posted 26 November 2010
  • Author: AP Executive

​Workers in areas such as accounting jobs who enjoy what they do are more likely to be happy than those who change employment looking for more money, according to one expert.

Senior consultant at CV preparation specialist The Write Stuff Peter Panayotou stated individuals who changed careers for purely financial reasons would find any increased happiness was "only a short term thing".

He noted there was "no such thing as a career for life anymore", but said those who found roles they enjoyed would usually stay longer and get more satisfaction from their work.

They are also more likely to perform better in employment they are comfortable in, as Mr Panayotou observed people will "never excel at something [they] don't enjoy".

The expert was speaking in response to a report from Magnet Trade that revealed only one in seven people will end up in the career they had desired as a child and 60 per cent were unhappy in their current job.