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Women 'still seeing gender bias' at work

  • Publish Date: Posted 06 December 2010
  • Author: AP Executive

​Females who work in accountancy jobs may be among those who still feel as though they are treated worse than their male colleagues, as one expert has claimed women still consider there to be a gender bias in the workplace.

Piya Khanna, executive coach at Change to Succeed, stated 85 per cent of female employees felt they were the victims of discrimination, while 72 per cent had experienced explicitly sexist behaviour such as bullying.

She noted that, despite a range of laws and regulations designed to prevent this at a company level, it was still a serious problem among some individuals.

"In my opinion it is not all intentional or deliberate, but many times people are just not aware of what constitutes discrimination," the expert stated.

Not wanting to hire women who had children because of an assumption they may not want to travel was one example of this, Ms Khanna added.

A report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission recently found the pay gap between the genders still remained, with women aged 40 earning around 27 per cent less than men of the same age.