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Top executives 'out of touch' with workers

  • Publish Date: Posted 17 January 2011
  • Author: AP Executive

​Boardroom members in positions such as banking jobs may be among those bosses who a new report has found are out of touch with their workforce.

A study by Roffrey Park found that many executives are in a "boardroom bubble" and are significantly more optimistic about their prospects than those beneath them.

While over 83 per cent of board directors feel that redundancies within their firm have been handled well, only 44 per cent of managers share this view.

Director of research at Roffrey Park Jo Hennessey said: "Many senior executives are living in their own world, which has a distinctly rosy hue, for their positive view is out of sync with the concerns and challenges of managers reported by managers beneath them."

They may also be looking forward to large reward packages, as it was recently reported by the BBC that the government has resigned itself to the fact that billions of pounds in bonuses will be handed out to executives this year.