Family Office Jobs Geneva

Many factors can affect the Family Office sector, which is complex and varied to begin with. These jobs can range from legal to operational, and any in-between with specialities common. As such, there is no standard description and each role for private investment office jobs within Geneva is handled on an individual basis.

You can find a range of family office jobs in Geneva, such as:

  • Head of Family Office / CEO / CIO / CFO

  • Family Office Manager / Property Manager / Corporate Administrator

  • Accountant / Financial Analyst

  • Wealth Planner

  • Chief Legal Officer / General Counsel

  • Portfolio Manager / Senior Investment Advisor

Dedicated and Experienced

Recruiting for family office roles requires more than merely matching skills to a role - it is about personality, to ensure a productive and effective working environment. Our consultants have a wealth of experience when it comes to recruiting for family office jobs in Geneva and use this to the benefit of clients and candidates. Speak to AP Executive now to find out how we can help.